Where can I find safety eyes and noses? 

We actually sell them on our website now! Check it out: here. If you want to look in a store near you,  you can always check at JoAnn Fabric and Craft. We have found that if you ask where to find safety eyes and noses you will likely be met with curious and confused looks. However, they can almost always be found by the doll parts and the pipe cleaners. Instead of asking for safety eyes and noses, ask to be pointed toward the pipe cleaners and you'll probably have better luck. 

Do you sell fabric? 

We sell a limited amount of fabric on our website. We are not a fabric store, we are pattern designers. As such we only buy the fabric we need to make our samples or create kits for shows. Any kits we have left over from our various shows may (or may not) show up on our website. We have recently started listing our Ruffle Fabric on the website. The Cuddle and cottons have not yet made their way to the website. If you are interested in either of these please use our contact us form and we will do our best to let you know what fabrics we currently have available. 

Do you have any tips for sewing with Cuddle fabrics? 

We sure do! In fact we have a whole post devoted to tips for sewing with Cuddle. You can head over to this post and simply right click on the picture and save it to your computer. You can then print them out 4x6 photo paper for reference. Some of our favorite tips include: 
1. Cuddle fabrics are easier to cut on the wrong side 
2. It's always a good idea to keep a vacuum cleaner handy as the fur really flies when you are cutting this type of fabric. Or, after you cut the fabric, lightly spray it with water and carefully walk it to the dryer. After about five minutes in the dryer all of the 'cuddle dust' will be sitting in your lint trap instead of on your table and floor.  
3. A size 90 stretch needle and long stitches tend to work best!
4. A walking foot can really help when sewing with this type of fabric, although it is not entirely necessary. 
5. Thread typically gets buried in the pile of this type of fabric so you should choose colors accordingly. i.e. when doing inner seams, if you think you may make a mistake it is best to pick a color that contrasts with your fabric so you will be able to find it. 
6. It may feel difficult to keep the pieces together properly or sew a straight line, but cuddle fabrics are very forgiving. As long as you are close, you likely won't even notice small mistakes when you turn it right side out. 
7. Cuddle fabrics are very washable, but some textured fabrics cannot go in the dryer or they will lose their texture. Note that rose cuddle and frizzy cuddle will definitely lose their definition if put in the dryer. 
8. Cuddle stretches in one direction more than the other. To keep the fabric from stretching while you are sewing, make sure your pieces are cut to exactly the right size and use a generous amount of long pins to keep the pieces together. If possible, match a stretchy side with with a non-stretchy side and sew with the stretchy side on the bottom. 

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