About Us

Hi there! We are the ladies of McKay Manor Musers. We are a mother and daughter and daughter team of crafty women. Our family home growing up was affectionately referred to as the McKay Manor, which is where the name of our business comes from. The driving force behind our business is our love of creating beautiful things. Well, that and our desire to spend time with one another. Possibly the best thing that has come of the business is a real excuse to get together often and spend time as a family. To learn a bit about each of us individually keep scrolling!

Over 32 years ago Sheila met and married a Mountain Man who also happens to be her best friend and knight in shining armor. She has two amazing daughters who are now married to wonderful young men. She also has two granddaughters that can light up a room with their smiles. With an appetite for learning and trying new things she is constantly busy. Sheila is happiest out in nature exploring new places in God’s beautiful world. If it really is true that you’re as young as you feel, she will never grow old. She loves: sewing, crafting, reading, traveling, hiking and photography.

Kira is a craft-loving wife and mother living in the Mile High City. She and her husband recently bought their very first house and are loving the adventure. When she's not busy herding her two energetic, and incredibly busy daughters she is filling her new-to-her home with great, new design ideas. A few of her favorite things include: spending time with family, blue skies and sunny days, painting, swimming, teaching, traveling and designing clothing.

Kayla is a quick-witted cat lady with a fondness for vintage charm. She is temporarily residing in the "city of trees," also known as Boise, with her husband and their extraordinarily lazy kitty. With a move a year since leaving High School Kayla’s biggest concern in home design is portability. However, that doesn’t stop her from trying to make her rentals feel like home. Kayla hearts the smell of rain, reading a good book, giving old things a new lease on life, playing with yarn and wearing sneakers.

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